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NPM scripts

Can be executed using npm run {script name}


Shorthand for build and generate:schema


Syncronise the database schema between Fosscord source code and your database. May incur data loss. You do not normally need to run this script, as Fosscord-server will perform it when necessary.


Builds the Fosscord source code


Starts the bundled server. API, Gateway, and CDN run under the same process when using bundle, using the same port.

start:api, start:gateway, start:cdn

Starts the respective component.


Downloads a (mostly) complete web client and runs some basic patches:

  • Replaces all mentions of "Server" -> "Guild"
  • Replaces "Discord" -> "Fosscord"
  • "Nitro" -> "Premium"
  • Replaces the Discord logo home button with a Fosscord logo
  • Prevents localStorage deletion (for plugins)
  • Adds fast-identify support

Running this script will, at the time of writing, download roughly ~5000 assets. To only download JS files (~700 assets), set the ONLY_CACHE_JS environment variable


Essentially, it's a small mod to the fast-connect script Discord clients already use, which sends a small IDENTIFY payload to the server, which speeds up how fast we receive READY. Without the client patch however, the READY payload received will just be ignored by the client, and it'll attempt to re-auth after a few seconds.


Generates a rights value for use as a default right. Also displays the 'all rights' value, which 1 is a placeholder for.


Injects the changelog at fosscord-server/assets/changelog.txt into the client.


Recreates the fosscord-server/assets/schema.json file, which is used for API and Gateway request validation.