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Test Client

The test client included with fosscord-server is deprecated and will be removed in favour of Discord-Client-Proxy in the future

The test client is a proxy to the client used for development purposes. You can enable the test client by setting the client_useTestClient config value in your database.

How it works

By editing the GLOBAL_ENV variable used by the client, we can trick it into sending requests to the API/Gateway/CDN/etc to us, instead of We simply proxy it from otherwise.


To update the client version served, edit the 4 <script> tags in the <body> of assets/client_test/index.html, with ones used by a client version you wish to use. To get the latest client scripts, simply download the HTML served by (through wget, for example) Do not replace the assets/client_test/index.html file with a fresh one from, as there are additional changes made to the file by the Fosscord team.