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Many users are confused on where to host their Fosscord instances. This guide will show you multiple hosting methods, and tell you what works and what does not.

As a rule of thumb: Free hosting methods generally do not work!

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is the most classic hosting solution. It is an actual, physical machine that you get completely for yourself. They are more expensive than a typical VPS for example, but give you the most control, down to what exact hardware you want to use.

Pro Contra
Full Control More expensive
You get the full potential of your server No dynamic resources

Recommended providers: ServerBlaze (Sponsor), Hetzner

Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server, or VPS for short, is a virtual machine that runs on a larger dedicated server. This makes a VPS cheaper than a dedicated server, as providers can rent out multiple VPS's per server. It also allows you to dynamically change the resources your server is getting, if your provider supports that.

Pro Contra
Affordable Virtualized
Dynamic Resources Hardware is shared with others

Recommended providers: Google Cloud, AWS, Azure


Depending on your electricity prices, this may be the cheapest option. Just use any machine that you don't actively need as a server, and run it at home! This could be an old PC, a Raspberry Pi, actual server hardware, or technically even a phone. This gives you the most control possible, and also allows you to breathe some life into old devices!

Note: Publicly hosting a service from your internet connection reveals your IP address to the public. If you do not want that, you can look into services like Cloudflare.

Pro Contra
The most control A lot of work
Repurpose old devices Risk of DDOS attacks etc

Unsupported Methods

  • Specialized website hosting services, that don't give you root access to a server
  • Online code collaboration sites like replit or glitch
  • Hosting with ngrok - you will not be able to use attachments (send files/images) as you do not have a static domain name