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The configuration of Fosscord is located inside the database, under the config table. Some configuration is also done via environment variables


In order to edit your configuration, you will need to manually open your database with special tools.






This list may be incomplete.

Name Type Default Description
gateway_endpointClient string null The gateway endpoint that gets delivered to the client
gateway_endpointPrivate string null The gateway endpoint that is used internally to communicate between gateway servers
gateway_endpointPublic string null The gateway endpoint that is publicly used by bots
cdn_endpointPublic string "/" The cdn endpoint that is served in message attachments
cdn_endpointClient string null The cdn endpoint that is used by clients
cdn_endpointPrivate string "http://localhost:3001" The cdn endpoint that is used internally to upload images from the api to the cdn.
general_instanceId string auto generated Unique identifier for the Fosscord instance
limits_user_maxGuilds number 100 Maximum number of guilds the user is allowed to create and join
limits_user_maxUsername number 32 Maximum number of characters for a username
limits_user_maxFriends number 1000 Maximum number of friends a user can have
limits_guild_maxRoles number 250 Maximum number of roles a guild can have
limits_guild_maxEmojis number 50 Maximum number of custom emojis a guild can have
limits_guild_maxMembers number 250000 Maximum number of members a guild can have
limits_guild_maxChannels number 50 Maximum number of channels a guild can have
limits_guild_maxChannelsInCategory number 50 Maximum number of channels a category can contain
limits_guild_hideOfflineMember number 1000 Amount of members when a guild is considered large and offline members are hidden
limits_message_maxCharacters number 2000 Maximum length of characters a message can have
limits_message_maxTTSCharacters number 200 Maximum length of characters a text to speech message can have
limits_message_maxReactions number 20 Maximum number of reactions a message can have
limits_message_maxAttachmentSize number 8388608 Maximum size a message attachment can have in bytes
limits_message_maxBulkDelete number 100 Maximum amount of messages that can be deleted per bulk delete command
limits_channel_maxPins number 50 Maximum amount of pinned messages a channel can have
limits_channel_maxTopic number 1024 Maximum amount of characters a channel topic description can have
limits_channel_maxWebhooks number 10 Maximum amount of webhooks a channel can have
limits_rate_disabled boolean false Check to enable rate limits
limitsrate TODO
security_autoUpdate boolean true Check if updates should automatically be searched for and non destructively be installed
security_requestSignature string auto generated Request signature that is used internally to sign requests
security_jwtSecret string auto generated JSON web token secret to sign and verify jwt tokens
security_forwardedFor string null Header name that is used to retrieve the real ip of a request e.g. X-Forwarded-For or CF-Connecting-IP
security_captcha_enabled boolean false Check to enable captchas
security_captcha_service string null Captcha provider, one of: "recaptcha", "hcaptcha"
security_captcha_sitekey string null Captcha provider site key
security_captcha_secret string null Captcha provider secret to check if the user supplied captcha result is correct
security_ipdataApiKey string public key api key to check if a register ip address is using proxies
login_requireCaptcha boolean false Check to require captchas to login