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  • Documentation
  • Roadmap (Notion to-do board synced with GitHub issues)
  • Status (Status page of the official fosscord instance)
  • GitHub (GitHub organization)
  • OpenCollective (Financially support the project to cover server costs and other expenses)
  • Discord server (for support & organization (If we are finished we'll host our own support server))
  • Tor Hidden Service (Official Fosscord instance on TOR)

Project structure

Fosscord consists of many repositories, which together make up the client and server:



  • api a HTTP REST server
  • gateway a WebSocket Gateway server
  • rtc a C++ webRTC server for voice and video sharing.
  • webRTC-server a javascript webRTC server for voice and video communication
  • dashboard An admin dashboard for the server (analytics, settings, administration, trust & safety)
  • util contains all shared logic like Database Models, Utility functions...
  • cdn is the content-delivery-content (CDN) that stores user uploaded images.