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Frequently Asked Questions

Voice/Video when?

Currently there is no voice or video support in any Fosscord instance. This is a very difficult feature to get working, especially given that we must implement it the exact same way as for client compatibility. We would be incredibly thankful for any assistance.

Free Nitro?

Please do not use Discord trademarks to refer to anything regarding Fosscord. As an instance owner, you can grant yourself or others premium features which may be used to determine your abilities client-side. However, Fosscord-server currently does not have any distinction between premium and free users. All users can access all features, given they have the rights to do so.

You cannot give yourself premium features on using a Fosscord instance.

How do I boost my guild? Or, how do I buy premium?

You cannot buy premium features through Fosscord, as Fosscord does not support any payment backend.

Additionally, Fosscord does not currently have any distinction between premium and free users or guilds. All users and guilds have access to all features server-side.

In the case of users, you may run into issues with the client preventing you from using certain features, if the user's premium_type or premium values are not set correctly. By default, Fosscord will do this for you, however.

In the case of guilds, you may run into issues with uploading animated icons or banners, etc. If so, simply give the guild the features you require. You can set them to be given to all guilds by default using the config guild_defaultFeatures array.

Can I log in with my Discord account?

No. Fosscord and Discord are entirely separate services, with their own separate databases and authentication. Fosscord cannot access any private data from As always, you should not provide login credentials for, or any other service, to others.

Does Fosscord use the same servers as Discord?

No. Discord servers, as in the bare-metal running the service, are completely inaccessible to people, outside of course the service provided. It is impossible for us to use their infrastructure. Fosscord instances are hosted entirely by their owner(s).

If you mean Discord 'server' as in a guild, also no. Fosscord is not a proxy for Discord guilds. Fosscord does not create accounts or ask for your own at any time (outside of OAuth features provided by the instance such as account connections or 'login with' buttons) If Fosscord was to try this, Discord's automated spam filters would surely block your instance, and ban any offending accounts.

Lastly, you can simply view our codebase. A simple proxy would not need to be this complex or large. We implement the entire API, Gateway, among others. None of this would be necessary if we were simply abusing

Do you use code?

Absolutely not. If a potential contributor makes any indication of being a Discord employee, or to have access to leaked code, we take measures in line with our Code of Conduct to ensure the Fosscord codebase is free of any proprietary code. We want absolutely nothing to do with it.

What about the test client? That's just the one!

Yes, this is true. However, this is purely for testing and development purposes. Fosscord is first and foremost a backend server implementation, and we simply use's client to verify our work as correct. Efforts are being made to move away from this with our own client, but as you may have guessed, building a Discord-compatible client is difficult.

You can read more about the test client here

Is this illegal?

The Fosscord maintainers do not believe it to be, no. See: Oracle v. Google. The only aspect of Fosscord that is not entirely written by us is the test client which we simply proxy from, and we take measures to show that the client is purely for development and research purposes.

Why are you doing this, anyway?
  1. We love free, open source software.
  2. There are many existing bots, applications, users, features, and ideas surrounding
  3. Fosscord allows these users and developers to maintain a familiar ecosystem with minimal friction.
  4. Reimplementing allows us to extend the Discord protocol in ways may not deem feasible, economical, whateverical.
  5. This includes privacy features, such as end to end encryption for example.
  6. The reverse engineering effort by our team may be useful to outside developers looking to understand how similar services work.
  7. The Discord protocol, despite its API complexity, is quite simple and linear. No complex conflict resolution like Matrix, for example.
Editing the database is annoying, is there a graphical interface for this?

Currently no, there is no graphical interface for managing your Fosscord instance. An admin dashboard is planned, but we currently have higher priorities right now.

When will this feature be available?

We do not provide ETAs. Users tend to take them as deadlines, and for a small team of <5 maintainers who do not get payment for their work, this is unreasonable.

It's pretty funny how you have a guild for support.

We know. Also that's not a question.