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User rights


User rights are instance-wide per-user permission toggle that affects instance-wide permissions of users, such as the ability to edit one's own messages.

!!! warning The default rights of a user is no rights whatsoever, make sure you grant users your desired set of rights.

Right Value Grants when it's 1
OPERATOR 1 << 0 All rights
MANAGE_APPLICATIONS 1 << 1 Ability to alter or remove others' applications
MANAGE_GUILDS 1 << 2 Same as the per-guild MANAGE_GUILD permission, but applies to all guilds and DM channels, can join any guild without invite
MANAGE_MESSAGES 1 << 3 Can delete or edit any message they can read
MANAGE_RATE_LIMITS 1 << 4 Add, change, define rate limits of other users, can also grant others BYPASS_RATE_LIMITS when combined with BYPASS_RATE_LIMITS and MANAGE_USERS
MANAGE_ROUTING 1 << 5 Create, alter, enable, disable custom message routing rules in any channel/guild
MANAGE_TICKETS 1 << 6 Respond to or resolve other users' support tickets
MANAGE_USERS 1 << 7 Create, alter, remove, ban users; create, modify, remove user groups
ADD_MEMBERS 1 << 8 Can manually add members into their guilds and group DMs
BYPASS_RATE_LIMITS 1 << 9 Makes the user exempt from all rate limits
CREATE_APPLICATIONS 1 << 10 Can create, edit, remove own applications
CREATE_CHANNELS 1 << 11 Can create guild channels and custom channels
CREATE_DMS 1 << 12 Can create 1:1 DMs (a user without SEND_MESSAGES cannot be added however)
CREATE_DM_GROUPS 1 << 13 Can create group DMs (a user without SEND_MESSAGES cannot be added however)
CREATE_GUILDS 1 << 14 Can create mass invites in the guilds that they have CREATE_INSTANT_INVITE
CREATE_GUILDS 1 << 15 Can create guilds
CREATE_ROLES 1 << 16 Can create roles and per-guild or per-channel permission overrides in the guilds that they have permissions
CREATE_TEMPLATES 1 << 17 Can create templates for guilds, custom channels and channels with custom routing
CREATE_WEBHOOKS 1 << 18 Can create webhooks in the guilds that they have permissions
JOIN_GUILDS 1 << 19 Can join guilds by using invites or vanity names
PIN_MESSAGES 1 << 20 Can modify the pinned messages in the guilds that they have permission
SELF_ADD_REACTIONS 1 << 21 Can react to messages, subject to permissions
SELF_DELETE_MESSAGES 1 << 22 Can delete own messages
SELF_EDIT_MESSAGES 1 << 23 Can edit own messages
SELF_EDIT_NAME 1 << 24 Can edit own username, nickname and avatar
SEND_MESSAGES 1 << 25 Can send messages in the channels that they have permissions
USE_ACTIVITIES 1 << 26 Can use voice activities, such as watch together or whiteboard
USE_VIDEO 1 << 27 Can use video and screenshare in guilds/channels that they have permissions
USE_VOICE 1 << 28 Can use voice in guilds/channels that they have permissions
INVITE_USERS 1 << 29 Can create user-specific invites in the guilds that they have INVITE_USERS
SELF_DELETE_DISABLE 1 << 30 Can delete/disable own account
DEBTABLE 1 << 31 Can use pay-to-use features once paid
CREDITABLE 1 << 32 Can earn money using monetization features in the guilds that have MONETIZATION_ENABLED

Those individual right bits are combined to create the overall rights. Those rights may be granted to individual users as well as to user groups.

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