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What is Fosscord?

Fosscord is a free open source self-hostable discord compatible chat, voice and video platform.


Fosscord aims to be a full one-on-one clone of Discord, adding more features that can be used as a replacement for the official client and still connect to and host private Fosscord server instances.

Fosscord aims to give the best possible user experience, while being backwards compatible to Discord's features and adding new ones/improving old ones while maintaining the user privacy with end-to-end encryption support.

The client can connect to multiple server instances without the need to open it multiple times.

The client should be extensible through a secure Plugin and Theme System with own store.

The server should be extensible through bots, just like discord without the need to change anything except the api endpoint.

The project is open source so everyone can have a look what's going on under the hood and can be maintained and expanded by the community.

Everything is configurable in the server config and everyone can add their own features, so that it is not opinionated.



Why backwards compatible to Discord?

  • Benefit from the large user base of discord -> more users, making the switch easier for new users & keeping workflows intact and easily migrating existing discord bots
  • No disadvantage for the users who use fosscord, so that they can still communicate with all their peers who use discord
  • Discord has already built a great and stable protocol (don't reinvent the wheel)
  • The community can extend and customize their clients and servers by self-hosting them and developing and installing addons


Discord server

Once we are finished, we'll host our own instance to host the support server.